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Maternity (Family Suite)

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(732) 632-1632

The Family Suite at JFK Medical Center
65 James Street
Edison, NJ 08820

It’s only natural to have questions about the birth of your baby. If you’re wondering about what it’s like to be in to be sure you and your baby have all the care your both need...or even how to care for your newborn after delivery...we can help.

Our Family Suite at JFK Medical Center is dedicated exclusively to the comfort of newborns and their families. From classes for parents and siblings, to medically advanced care provided in a state-of-the-art facility, our expertise will make your childbirth experience comfortable and memorable.

The Family Suite is designed with the expectant family in mind. With large, comfortable rooms for labor and delivery, an attentive staff of experienced professionals by your side and a comprehensive program of tours and classes, you can rest assured that you, your baby and your family will receive excellent, compassionate care. The unit is located on the 5th floor at JFK hospital. The unit offers 28 postpartum beds for delivered mothers as well as for pregnant patients with various medical problems. 20 rooms are semi-private and 5 rooms are private, with one room designated for patients with special needs.

Professionals You’ve Come to Know and Trust

Your labor and delivery will be entrusted to medical professionals specially trained in obstetric care. Your own obstetrician will be on hand, supported by our highly skilled and caring nurses. If you request it, our anesthesiologist will help you to manage the pain, assuring the comfort and safety of you and your baby. For your peace of mind, it’s great to know that specialists are just moments away to assist with your delivery. Our skilled team of obstetricians, anesthesiologists, neonatologists, perinatologists, pediatricians and pediatric specialists are available 24 hours a day.

Following delivery, doctors, nurses and counselors are available to help you with the physical sensations and emotional feelings that are a natural part of having a baby.    

Classes for the Expectant Family

At The Family Suite at JFK Medical Center, we believe that the miracle of childbirth affects the entire family - before, during and after your baby is born. That’s why we offer preparatory classes for expectant mothers as well as for expectant fathers, grandparents and siblings. These classes, taught by a certified registered nurse, will help every member of the family prepare for the new arrival. Classes are available before and after the baby is born to review topics such as breast-feeding and how to care for the baby and yourself during the first few weeks. For a comprehensive list of classes available for your family, see our listing or call (732) 632-1632.

Please Join Us for a Visit

You and your family are invited to a tour of The Family Suite at JFK Medical Center. Talk to the professionals who will be providing your care, and get to know our doctors and nurses. Walk through the facility to see the medical technology, and the warm, friendly atmosphere that will welcome your baby into the world. Then, when it’s time to deliver your baby, you’ll be reassured to see a friendly and familiar face and to feel comfortable in your surroundings.

A Room Filled with Comforts to Put Your Mind at Ease

We’ve designed our labor-delivery-recovery rooms to meet all of your expectations. Each room provides a spacious and cheerful atmosphere with sleepers so that the father, birth partner, your mom or best friend can be comfortable and close enough to hold your hand. You can take advantage of the private bath and shower. And of course, your room will have a television, telephone and plenty of space for your things.

Thirteen of our rooms are equipped as LDR Suites, so that you can remain in the same room for labor, delivery and recovery. Each LDR Suite has a birthing bed and decorative wall unit housing state-of-the-art technology. After delivering, you’ll feel comfortable relaxing in one of our  beautiful, homelike Post Partum rooms. Your newborn will be pampered in the nursery so you can get your rest, or your baby can stay in your room with you. Moms, dads and babies have the opportunity to spend lots of time together.

For more information on our facility, to arrange a tour or receive a listing of our classes for the expectant family, please call JFK Medical Center's Perinatal Education Office at (732) 632-1632.