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Dental Clinic


(732) 321-7608

Hackensack Meridian Health JFK Medical Center
65 James St
Edison, NJ 08820

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Something to Smile About

For the first time in years, Michael Thomas can eat without pain. After retiring and losing his health insurance, he couldn’t afford to see a dentist – despite a myriad of problems and severe discomfort. So he suffered in silence until he learned about JFK Medical Center’s Dental Clinic, which provided the extensive dental care he needed. And gave him something to smile about.

“I knew I needed a lot of dental work but couldn’t afford it. Plus I’ve had some bad experiences with dentists,” asserted Thomas. “The staff at JFK’s Dental Clinic made me less apprehensive and fixed everything. I feel one thousand percent better.”

Since 1978, JFK’s Dental Clinic has provided comprehensive dental care to more than 3,500 individuals annually, primarily serving those without dental insurance or strained by financial challenge. “We offer affordable, professional quality dental care,” stated Andy Kuziemski, Administrative Director. While most patients reside in Middlesex county and surrounding communities, others travel from all over New Jersey and the tri-state area to access treatment.

JFK’s Dental Clinic welcomes everyone, from children to elderly patients, regardless of their insurance coverage, specialized needs, or ability to pay. The program is run by caring, compassionate members of the hospital’s dental staff who generously volunteer their time, as well as dentists enrolled in JFK’s one-year General Dentistry Residency Program.

“Our goals are two-fold. First and foremost, we emphasize quality care, so our patients receive the same type of experience found at a private dental practice,” said Mr. Kuziemski. “We’re also committed to our residents, advancing their skills and training so they are well-prepared to begin their careers.”

With a focus on oral wellness and disease prevention, the Dental Clinic provides a full spectrum of services, including exams and routine cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canal therapy, periodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Additionally, the clinic extends its reach in the community by offering free dental screenings and oral health education in schools, camps, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, homeless shelters and various other local venues. Each February, the clinic also supports the American Dental Association’s “Give Kids a Smile Day,” providing free preventive and emergency care to underserved children.

“The Dental Clinic program has a tremendous impact on patients’ lives,” said Mr. Kuziemski. “We do far more than just fix cavities. Patients leave our office with a better appreciation of their oral health, along with increased confidence and self esteem.”

“I can’t say enough about this fantastic program, which relieved my stress and got me back to the dentist,” added Thomas. “It’s great to live without pain and smile again.”