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Center for Wound Healing


Millions of Americans suffer from chronic, non-healing wounds and ulcers. They experience pain, restricted activities and health issues that have a significant impact on their quality of life.

GoldSeal 4color-Wound-Healing-certification-2019At the Center for Wound Healing at Hackensack Meridian Health JFK Medical Center, we blend experience and expertise with the latest advancements and technologies to provide a healing touch in wound care.

We have earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Wound Care Certification. This symbol of quality our commitment to providing safe and effective patient care.

Our Mission:

To provide comprehensive care to prevent and treat chronic or hard-to-heal wounds utilizing a multidisciplinary team which consists of physicians, nurses, therapists and technicians who work together in an atmosphere of trust and comfort.

Personal treatment plans are developed for each patient to provide complete management for your wound. Our spectrum of care assures patients of an integrated, personalized program that facilitates the recovery process and encourages family participation.

What are chronic and non-healing wounds?

A chronic or non-healing wound is defined as a sore or wound that has not shown improvement from conventional treatments – such as over-the-counter medications and home remedies – in two to four weeks.

Common causes of non-healing wounds are often associated with inadequate circulation, poorly functioning veins, reaction to radiation therapy, traumatic injury and immobilization. Additionally, non-healing wounds of the feet among people with diabetes are one of the most common non-healing wounds, and one of the most significant complications of diabetes. When left untreated, wounds can become infected. Non-healing wounds can lead to poorer quality of life or possibly amputation.

Examples of wounds treated at the Center for Wound Healing:

What causes these types of wounds?

Chronic and hard-to-heal wounds can be difficult to treat for various reasons and can be caused by:

  • Diabetes
  • Bone Infections
  • Compromised Blood Flow
  • Infection
  • Inadequate or Poor Nutrition
  • Unusual Pressure
  • Chronic Swelling
  • Effects of Radiation
  • Venous Disease

Your evaluation and treatment options

All patients undergo a thorough diagnostic examination to identify the type of wound you have and the underlying problems causing the wound. After this evaluation, a program specifically tailored to your needs will be initiated, based on the most effective treatment options to relieve pain and speed healing. Treatments vary from case to case, with the most common treatment options encompassing medical and surgical care combined with advanced wound care technology.

Your customized treatment plan will include regular visits for therapy and progress assessments, which can include:

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To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call the JFK Center for Wound Healing at 732-321-7022.

We also offer comprehensive diabetes and nutrition consultations, as well as fitness and exercise programs. Please call for further information: