Breakthroughs in Treatment and Prevention

Cerebrovascular accidents (CVAs) have long been referred to as strokes because victims appear to be suddenly struck down. Until recently, when a stroke occurred, it simply had to run its course. There were no therapeutic options to reverse or limit the damage. Overall, physicians were limited in preventing and treating this devastating disease.

But with time these perceptions have changed. Since the mid-1990s, dramatic developments have occurred in all areas of stroke management. Not only are the causes and symptoms much better understood, but great strides continue to be made in preventing and treating strokes. New medications, diagnostic, and interventional methods have the potential to save lives and prevent some of the most devastating consequences of stroke. 

Around the United States, medical centers with special sophisticated technology and expertise are emerging as “comprehensive stroke centers.”

The Stroke and Neurovascular Center of Excellence at JFK Medical Center is a Joint Commission and NJ State Designated Comprehensive Stroke Center. Here, patients in the midst of an acute stroke can be diagnosed and treated 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week by qualified specialists using the latest and widest variety of diagnostic and treatment options including the following:

Acute Stroke Management

Neuroendovascular Therapies

The Stroke and Neurovascular Center is one of the first centers in NJ to have two state of the art neurointerventional biplanar angiography suites.  Treatment modalities include the following drug and surgical treatments, as well as innovative endovascular interventional procedures:

Neurocritical Care

Neurosurgical Treatments


Patients are cared for in specialized stroke and critical care units, which are staffed by trained neurocritical care and stroke specialists, during the immediate hours and days after an acute stroke. This cutting edge technology and expertise make us leaders in stroke care.

We also engage in research and clinical trials for advancements in stroke therapy and prevention (see SNC Clinical Trials page).

Comprehensive rehabilitation services are offered in the Stroke and Brain Trauma Units of the Johnson Rehabilitation Institute, which is a Joint Commission certified Stroke Rehabilitation Center. The acute rehabilitation setup is uniquely suited for the care of stroke patient not only because of its excellence but also due to the fact that it is the only rehabilitation facility in the State of New Jersey that is directly connected with a Stroke and Neurovascular Center of excellence. The SNC team continues to follow and monitor patients during the stroke rehabilitation phase as needed.