Sleep Disorders Assessment and Treatment

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Sleep is an important function of the brain, occupying nearly a third of each day and strongly affecting the remaining (waking) two-thirds of the day.

The Center for Sleep Disorders Treatment, Research and Education is a resource in diagnosing and treating adults and children with sleep disorders. The Center uses a multidisciplinary approach that includes consultations with board-certified sleep physicians, pulmonologists, neurologists, ear, nose and throat specialists, and psychologists.

The laboratory is equipped with state-of–the-art technology utilized by registered technicians. It is custom designed to create a warm, friendly, home-like environment and the pediatric rooms are designed to accommodate parents. Located within JFK Medical Center, the sleep lab is in close proximity to healthcare personnel should on-the-spot medical care be needed.

For consultations or appointments please call (732) 321-7010.

Common Sleep Disorders

A variety of disorders can cause sleep deficiency, including: 

Diagnostic Services

Depending on the nature of the disorder, patients referred to the Sleep Center will undergo a comprehensive evaluation by an experienced team of board-certified sleep specialists. The specialist may recommend a sleep study (a non-invasive, overnight, painless procedure during which sleep patterns, breathing, heart and muscle activity and snoring are monitored).  In addition, follow-up daytime and/or additional nighttime sleep studies may be ordered if necessary and the appropriate treatment recommendations will be given. 

Treatment Options

The specialists at the Center for Sleep Disorders develop an individualized program of treatment for each patient. Treatment modalities may include:

For a consultation with a sleep disorders specialist or an appointment at the sleep clinic, call (732) 321-7010.