Diagnostic Services

Types of Neurological Disorders

The Neuroscience Institute specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of:
All of the professionals at the NJ Neuroscience Institute understand that patients with chronic illnesses and their families are looking for confidence, reassurance, and professionalism. We work closely with patients, their families and their physicians to establish trusting relationships and ensure optimal care.

Causes of Neurological Disorders

People of all ages are at risk for neurological problems. Some common causes include:
Diagnostic Services

The NJ Neuroscience Institute offers advanced diagnostic resources to assist physicians in the accurate and timely assessment of neurologic disorders. This includes a comprehensive collection of monitoring devices, which are available on an outpatient, inpatient and intraoperative basis.

Advanced diagnostic techniques rely on a combination of tests and a careful historical understanding of the problem. Tests available at the Institute include:

The specialists at the NJ Neuroscience Institute take a multidisciplinary team approach, relying on open communication, to ensure a unique treatment program for each patient. These disciplines include: