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Brain Injury Medicine Fellowship

The ACGME Accredited Brain Injury Medicine Fellowship Program offered at the JFK-Johnson Rehabilitation Institute is a one-year fellowship opportunity for a Board Eligible/Board Certified physiatrist interested in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)/Neurorehabilitation. The fellowship is available through a collaborative effort of the Center For Head Injuries, JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute, Edison, New Jersey, and the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. This system is renowned for its clinical programs and research.

The Center for Head Injuries at JFK-Johnson Rehabilitation Institute provides rehabilitation services to patients with acquired brain injury (ABI) through a continuum of care rehabilitation model. This model incorporates acute care trauma consults, inpatient acute and sub-acute rehabilitation, and comprehensive outpatient treatment.

This fellowship will provide the selected candidate with exposure to the continuum of care for patients with a spectrum of severity of impairments from brain injury. Senior faculty members are at the core of the clinical care and will be mentoring the fellow. The experiences and challenges of this one year fellowship will prepare the candidate to medically manage the brain injury patient population on the in- and outpatient basis, and ultimately direct and manage a brain injury program.

Upon completion of the program, the fellow will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Clinically manage the medical, pharmacological, and rehabilitative needs of persons with traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury.
  • Competently perform mental status and neurological exams as well as interpretation and application of neuro-imaging studies and neuropsychologic testing.
  • Develop and implement specialized treatment regimes including behavioral modification programs and coma management.
  • Function as the leader of the rehabilitation team, designing and implementing comprehensive rehabilitation programs in the brain injury setting.
  • Manage spasticity through various means including serial casting, medications, motor point and nerve blocks, botulinum toxin injections, and intrathecal baclofen pumps.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the management principles and practices related to the brain injury population.
  • Develop an understanding of clinical medical research through topics in statistics, basic measurements, IRB approvals, and clinical design.

Education will be done in a variety of settings in the JFK Medical Center and Robert Wood Johnson Hospital systems:

  • Inpatient Acute Brain Injury Rehabilitation
  • Subacute Inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation
  • Outpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation
  • Spasticity/ Baclofen Clinic
  • Acute trauma consults
  • Neuroradiology

Electives may be available based on the fellow’s and the department’s needs and interests.

Fellows are encouraged to complete at least one research project during their training. Senior grant funded investigators are working on state of the art research to advance the understanding and clinical care of brain injured patients. Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in this research. Submitting case reports for poster presentations and/or publications is strongly encouraged. Project suggestions and assistance may be obtained from the fellowship director and/or other faculty members.

Application Process

Applications can be submitted anytime after June 1st for the next academic year. The application deadline is September 30. Interviews are conducted October to November. The application packet is available in the link below.

JFK will be participating in The Match. Applicants will need to register for the match after the site opens. See link below for important details and dates. 


Interested candidates may contact Lisa Lopez the Brain Injury Medicine Fellowship Coordinator at llopez@jfkhealth.org.  

Applications packets can be faxed to (732) 744-5846.

For further information on this fellowship or the application process, please contact:

Brian D. Greenwald, MD
Brain Injury Medicine Fellowship Program Director
Medical Director, JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Center for Head Injuries
Associate Medical Director JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute
at 732-321-7000, ext. 62018

AAP Podcast -- Fellowship Opportunities: Brain Injury Medicine
Dr. Alice Hon, a spinal cord injury fellow at Kessler Institute and a member of the AAP Residents and Fellows Council, interviews Dr. Brian Greenwald, the Medical Director of Center for Head Injuries and the Associate Medical Director of JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute.