Cognitive Rehabilitation

The Cognitive Rehabilitation Department at the JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute (JRI) in Edison, New Jersey provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary post-acute neurorehabilitation for people with neurologic injury or illness. The Cognitive Rehabilitation Department is recognized world wide as a leader in providing evaluations, treatment and research related to brain injury rehabilitation.

Our Comprehensive NeuroRehabilitation program provides a full range of therapeutic services (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy) to patients with a variety of acquired neurologic disabilities at all stages of recovery following hospitalization. Helping people regain an active role at home and in the community, including assistance with returning to work or school, is a primary focus of the program. These services are highly integrated and specialized to address all of the needs of people with a neurologic disability.

Difficulties with cognitive functioning (such as poor concentration or memory) are often the most disabling symptoms for people with traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other types of neurologic illness. Individual and group-based cognitive rehabilitation is provided by neuropsychologists and other therapist to address these problems. Our Intensive Cognitive Rehabilitation Program provides holistic neuropsychological rehabilitation for people with a neurologic disability who have made good physical recovery, but require highly specialized therapies to develop compensations for acquired cognitive deficits. This program has demonstrated its effectiveness for improving psychosocial adjustment, productive functioning, and life satisfaction after a neurologic injury.

The Neuropsychology Clinic provides treatment primarily to patients who have achieved some degree of independent community functioning, such as returning to work or school, but still require specialized rehabilitation services. Individual cognitive remediation, psychotherapy and stress management, and vocational counseling are provided in addition to the more "traditional" rehabilitation services. Neuropsychology Clinic also provides specialized treatment for people who have sustained a mild traumatic brain injury or cerebral concussion. Mild traumatic brain injuries represent about 80 percent of all traumatic brain injury. Although many people recover fully after a cerebral concussion, some people exhibit a persistent post-concussion disorder that can interfere with daily functioning, and can benefit from specialized interventions that are provided through the Cognitive Rehabilitation Department.

Our Day Activity Program provides long-term socialization and respite care for patients with chronic physical and cognitive disabilities, along with periodic physiatric, physical and cognitive reassessments according to the patient's needs.

Patients who are referred to the department will receive a comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation to provide an objective and quantitative assessment of the person's functioning following a neurologic illness or injury. The evaluation consists of a series of objective tests designed to provide tangible evidence of the person's improvements and needs for continued interventions.

To make a referral or for additional information about the Cognitive Rehabilitation Department in central New Jersey, please call 732-906-2640.