The Brain Trauma Unit

The Brain Trauma Unit (BTU) is the acute inpatient rehabilitation component of the Center for Head Injuries. The BTU is located within the JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute (JRI) at JFK Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey.

The BTU team utilizes an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to provide rehabilitation to adults who have sustained acquired brain injuries. As the first phase of brain injury rehabilitation following medical stabilization, we serve patients with various levels of disability and impairment—from those emerging from a coma with significant medical, physical and cognitive problems, to individuals who are ambulatory, but have difficulties with self-care activities, community mobility, behavior, cognition and communication.

The evaluation and treatment of patients on the BTU is performed by an interdisciplinary team and is directed toward improving mobility, activities of daily living, communication and cognitive skills. Each patient on the BTU receives daily visits by a rehabilitation medicine physician and is provided 24-hour nursing care, as well as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, recreation therapy and neuropsychology services. In addition, social workers meet with the patient and family throughout the hospital stay.

The BTU provides a structured, therapeutic environment in combination with individual treatment plans to address issues regarding awareness, behavior and safety. Therapy programs are developed based on the results of a comprehensive evaluation by an interdisciplinary team and may include individual and group sessions that focus on the goals of each patient. Patients are evaluated by our team for specific needs regarding appropriate level of supervision and use of safety equipment while on the unit. The treatment plan also includes strategies for management of cognitive deficits.

The BTU program also includes education, training and support to help families understand the recovery process and adjust to the needs of their family member. Family conferences and training sessions are designed to involve the family in the rehabilitation process and in decisions regarding future rehabilitation needs.

Once a person has completed their rehabilitation they may be referred to another program within the Center for Head Injuries. The continuum is designed to provide a comprehensive program depending on the individualized needs of that person.

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