Admissions and Appointments

Admission Information for Inpatient Stay

If you are currently hospitalized and would like to be admitted to our acute comprehensive rehabilitation inpatient program, please speak to your physician, social worker or discharge planner in the acute care hospital. They can refer you to the Johnson Rehabilitation Institute by calling (732) 321-7733.

If you are at home and wish to be considered for admission, call our Rehabilitation Medicine Department at (732) 321-7070 to schedule an appointment with one of our physiatrists for a pre-admission evaluation.

Appointment Information for Outpatient Services

Outpatient Rehabilitation: (732) 321-7790

To start the scheduling process for outpatient services, either the patient or a family member, doctor or case manager can call the appropriate department to initiate the scheduling process.

A patient intake representative will ask for the patient's diagnosis and treatment specifics indicated on the prescription, health insurance information, and scheduling availability. To expedite appointments, please have this information available when calling.

Insurance information will be verified to determine the exact therapy/testing benefit specific to the patient's plan. Once an appointment is provided or a schedule is assigned, a patient intake representative will call to confirm the appointment(s) and provide information about the patient's payment responsibilities.

Every attempt will be made to coordinate schedules when multiple therapies are indicated and to provide optimal treatment within the patient's benefits restrictions.

Our goal is to provide you with a positive, successful rehabilitation experience.