Campaign for Emergency Medicine

Building the Future of Emergency Medicine

The New JFK Medical Center Emergency Pavilion

The JFK Medical Center Foundation is proud to announce the  Building the Future of Emergency Medicine capital campaign to raise funds for the construction of a new state-of-the-art Emergency Pavilion.  This exciting project will house an entirely new emergency department and two additional acute care units, continuing a tradition at JFK of expansion and renovation to meet community needs.

Growing To Meet The Needs Of Our Community

The hospital emergency department plays a unique and important role in the community it serves, standing ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always prepared to provide aid to the most critically ill and injured.  Here in Central New Jersey, the JFK Emergency Department has a long history of serving area residents in their time of need. We are proud of our relationship with the surrounding communities and residents who rely on us to be there when it counts most.

Patients and visitors consistently commend the JFK Emergency Department for outstanding clinical care and personal attention.  However, emergency room use over the past few years has exploded and stretched our capacity to serve in the existing facility.  In just three short years, JFK has witnessed emergency room visits climb from 44,000 in 2007 to nearly 70,000 in 2010, a volume routinely treated at hospitals nearly twice the size of JFK.  Unfortunately, the physical limitations of the JFK facility due to that growth, and the inevitable need to stay current in a healthcare environment that is changing at a furious pace, will increasingly create obstacles to providing the best possible care.  

In order to meet current and future demands – the need for expansion has become critical.  The hospital’s increasing challenge is to maintain the ongoing availability and accessibility of its exemplary emergency services to all who need them.  Additionally, the hospital must respond to growing community needs for the most sophisticated, contemporary services and facilities in our service area. Residents of our expanding communities expect (and deserve) the very best in emergency medical services.

As one of the busiest emergency departments in Central New Jersey, JFK is responding to the dramatic  boost in volume in the  emergency department by nearly doubling its square footage to 60,000 square feet and renovating the existing space to improve patient flow, privacy and quality of care.  The development of a New Emergency Pavilion will mean a major change for one of JFK Medical Center’s most critical and certainly busiest departments, through which more than half of the hospital’s inpatients are admitted.   The construction of the three-story Pavilion was launched in 2010 and will be implemented in phases through 2013.

"As a trusted provider of high-quality healthcare, JFK is committed to ensuring that our surrounding communities can continue to count on their hospital to offer the most advanced medical options in a modern, state-of-the-art facility,” says Michael A. Kleiman, DMD, Chairman, JFK Health Board of Directors.  “This project is an exciting challenge, rooted in our commitment and tradition of growth and development at JFK, in order to better serve the families throughout the region who rely on us.”

The JFK Medical Center Foundation is spearheading a capital campaign to help raise the funds for this pivotal endeavor. “Our goal is to raise the bar for patient care treatment, expanding on our long tradition as one of the finest facilities in the state,” adds John McDonough, Chairman of the JFK Foundation Board.  “During these difficult financial times, community support and participation in major expansion projects is paramount.”