Join Us... at the next Free JFK Weight Loss Seminar featuring  Dr. Alexander Abkin, one of New Jersey's top bariatric surgeons.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 18, 2011   7:00 - 9:00 pm
WHERE: JFK Conference Center, 70 James Street, Edison, NJ

This comprehensive presentation by Dr. Abkin will include general information as to who qualifies for the surgery, a specific description of the surgical procedure itself, and an overall description of the lifestyle changes that are necessary following gastric bypass. At every bariatric seminar, a medical professional will provided detailed information on the various types of weight loss surgeries. You will have a chance to meet patients who have already undergone bariatric surgery in New Jersey and hear how weight loss surgery has helped them succeed. You will also have the opportunity to ask your questions to a panel of experienced bariatric surgeons with extensive track records of proven success. For more information or to register call (732) 343-7484 or register online, click here

NOTE: seating is limited.

For more information about the JFK Bariatric Program, please click here to visit JFK For Life.

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Surgery of any kind is a serious decision. Which is why the bariatrics team at JFK for Life is dedicated to help you with the process. Our team of healthcare providers represents a combination of training, expertise, and experience that is unparalleled throughout New Jersey. JFK for Life partners with the top surgeons to help you maximize your success and improve your quality of life. We are the only facility in New Jersey that is able to provide you with the entire pre- and post-surgical care needed in your journey.

Understand Your Options at No Cost to You*

Shedule a visit with a JFK for Life Wellness Advisor to understand your options for weight loss. The Wellness Advisor will listen to your needs and the goals you want to achieve. There are many options to choose from. If you want to learn more about bariatric surgery they will register you for one of our recommended bariatric seminars.

*JFK for Life will bill your insurance company for this visit; however, your maximum out-of-pocket is limited as described.

Improve Your Results

Studies show that those that start the process of lifestyle change prior to surgery have significantly more success and lose more weight than those who do not. Additionally, we can supervise a 3- or 6-month weight loss program if required by your insurance company prior to approval. At JFK for Life we have put together a program that is focused on increasing your success. Your Wellness Advisor will put a team of registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, and behavioral counselors together that will work with you to make sure that you reach your desired goals.

Attend a Free Bariatric Seminar

At every bariatric seminar, a medical professional will educate you on various types of bariatric surgeries. You will have a chance to meet patients who have already undergone surgery and have the opportunity to ask your questions to a panel of experienced bariatric surgeons and nutritionists with extensive track records of proven success. You can schedule your necessary surgical, nutritional and psychological evaluations at the seminar.

Optimal Results From Your Surgery

You have spent a lot of time and money on your surgery. The four to six weeks immediately after your surgery is crucial. It is important to follow strict dietary guidelines and speak with a behavioral counselor to ease your body and mind into your new lifestyle. Call us to schedule a visit with your Wellness Advisor who will put your post-operative plan of care together to help you heal healthy and maximize your results.

Attend a Free Lifestyle Change Seminar

To be successful in your bariatric surgery it will require you to make some lifestyle changes. Attend a pre-bariatric lifestyle change seminar led by registered dietitians that specialize in bariatrics to understand the lifestyle changes needed to be successful. To register for this important seminar email

Maximize & Maintain Your Weight Loss

Congratulations! You are on your way to improving your quality of life. Stay on track by following the plan of care your Wellness Advisor puts together for you with weekly visits with your healthcare team. Find the support that you need from others who have gone through the process at our free monthly post-bariatric support groups. Let JFK for Life help you on your journey to a new life!