Guided Needle Biopsy

Ultrasound Guided Needle Biopsy

What do you get with an ultrasound-guided needle biopsy?

First, an ultrasound-guided biopsy is a short-lived procedure which uses sound waves to guide a fine needle aspiration to extract a sample tissue from an area with an abnormal growth detected through a radiology scan. Ultrasound guidance is employed to guide the needle to extract cells or fluid from the area with an abnormality.

The occurrence of abnormalities in breasts is easy to detect with a physical exam and a mammogram. However, the challenge is that neither a physical exam nor a mammogram can determine whether a lump is cancerous or not.

If a lump has been detected in your breast, an ultrasound breast biopsy is the most definitive test to analyze the nature abnormal cell growth. The pathology test will utilize the scrutiny of a microscope to give you a definitive diagnosis. An ultrasound-guided needle biopsy can take the nature of a surgery or hollow-needle tissue extraction from the area with an abnormality by using images generated by an ultrasound. The major benefit of an ultrasound guided needle biopsy is that it is aimed at removing only a small body tissue from the area with an abnormality in a less invasive procedure.

Under what condition is an ultrasound-guided needle biopsy necessary?

If you have undergone a physical exam for a routine breast cancer screening, any of the following symptoms below should be followed up with a guided needle biopsy.

In most cases, you will be subjected to an ultrasound guided needle biopsy to help the physician locate the precise location of the abnormal growth to determine whether the above symptoms are evidence of cancerous tissue or not.

What exactly do ultrasound-guided core biopsies involve?

Conducting ultrasound-guided core biopsies involves the extraction of sample tissue from the area of the breast with an abnormal growth. The sample tissue is then analyzed by a pathologist to determine whether the abnormality in the breast is a cancerous lump or not. The process of inserting the needle and removing the sample tissue usually lasts a few minutes while the entire test lasts approximately half an hour.

What are the risks associated with an ultrasound-guided needle biopsy?

Typically, there is minimal bleeding that occurs during this procedure, but rarely there can be a hematoma. Although a case of bleeding on the site of the biopsy could be a cause of discomfort, it will ease in a few days’ time.

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