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Stereotactic Breast Biopsy in Edison NJ - JFK Medical Center

What is a stereotactic core breast biopsy?

While it is devastating to be affected by an abnormal growth in the breast, it is quite a curable disease when detected early. You will realize that there is no need to be frightened and you do not have to be frightened of a lump or any other irregular growth since most of the incidences of breast lumps are non-cancerous.

Additionally, a stereotactic core breast biopsy with our qualified physicians will give you a definitive diagnosis to determine the nature of any suspicion lump detected in the breast. A stereotactic breast biopsy is a definitive test employed to investigate the breast lumps which are too small to be felt during a physical exam or appear in an ultrasound test.

You are a candidate for a stereotactic breast biopsy if our medical team detects a case of calcifications after undergoing a mammogram test. A stereotactic core breast biopsy is not a procedure to be dreaded; it reveals conclusive information on the analysis of abnormalities in the breast.

What are the benefits of a stereotactic core breast biopsy?

You need not worry about the suitability of a stereotactic breast biopsy to detect abnormalities in the breast. A stereotactic breast biopsy relies on the images produced by a mammography to pinpoint the exact tissue of the breast to be biopsied to identify cancer. A stereotactic breast biopsy uses two different images of the same breast tissues to diagnose if there is a cancer or not.

What are the risks of a stereotactic breast biopsy?

A stereotactic breast biopsy is a relatively low-risk procedure and very easy to undertake. Our medical staff employs the standard procedure of fine-needle aspiration which is less invasive than a case of surgical biopsy. The procedure involves minimal recovery time and minor scarring.

The accuracy of the stereotactic breast biopsy facilitates early treatment intervention. However, there are a few risk factors associated with a stereotactic breast biopsy such as the development of an infection of the biopsied breast area, soreness of the site of injection and bruising or swelling of the breast. Strict guidelines and measures on how to care for the wound prevent the aforementioned risks.
The test will require you to inform the doctor of any allergies you may have for them to make the necessary medical preparations to suit your medical profile.

Contact us today to learn how our stereotactic core breast biopsy services can help you in the early detection of a case of breast cancer. At JFK Medical Center, we have advanced technology and physicians to serve you.