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Mammography: The Ultimate Breast Abnormality Test


Why our mammography screening services are ideal for you

As you age, the health of your breast is exposed to various disease-causing factors. While there are symptoms that warrant a breast mammography, it is recommended that you undergo mammography screening early. Typically, if you are over 30 years of age, our doctors recommend a breast screening test in order to identify and treat any abnormalities.

Our mammography screening is a comprehensive test that identifies abnormalities. These abnormalities could be denseness, lumps, inflammation and tumors that signal the early stages of breast cancer. Although some symptoms may pose no risk of breast cancer, a diagnostic mammography is the only sure way to tell that a nipple discharge, a breast mass or any other symptom is not linked to breast cancer.

It is counterproductive to wait until you have a severe symptom of breast anomaly to seek medical attention. Visit us today for a diagnostic mammogram as early as now. Our friendly customer service staff will introduce you to the medical staff at JFK Medical Center who will give you a professional mammogram screening.

The Benefits of Mammography Screening

Unlike traditional breast screening, a mammogram offers numerous advantages;

  • It is highly sensitive and any abnormality is identified before it becomes severe.
  • It is based on cutting-edge imaging technology to detect any cancer cells in the breast.
  • It is fast and only takes a few minutes to complete and give you accurate results on your diagnosis.
  • With an early identification of abnormalities, you will have the attention of our medical staff to stop the tissues from threatening your health.

Get a thorough Screening and Diagnostic Mammography Test

Our screening test uses 3D imaging technology to deliver accurate results by magnifying the abnormalities. If an aberration is detected, the medical staff will compare the results to the structure of a normal cell. You will have a definitive diagnosis and go home with a confirmation of the absence or presence of breast cancer.

Take a breast screening test today

Visit us today for an advanced breast screening mammography service or call to book an appointment.