A More Advanced and Accurate Method to Test for Breast Cancer


\Why Genius 3D Tomography

While a Genius 3D mammography exam shares some similarities with a traditional 2D mammogram, it is impressively accurate in the early detection of breast cancer.

At JFK Medical Center, we pride ourselves as a Genius 3D tomography service provider with unparalleled experience and expertise. We are dedicated to administering diagnostic mammography services under the clinically proven 3D tomography technology, which is 50% more accurate than traditional 2D mammography technology.

A professional way to diagnose breast cancer

With our 3D Genius Tomography, you will get a 3-dimensional breast cancer diagnostic service which is detail-oriented and more effective than a traditional 2-dimensional mammography.

The Genius 3D tomography has the capacity to show the distinct structures of the breast including blood vessels, fat, ligaments and milk ducts. Consequently, our medical staff can identify the area with abnormal tissues in your breast due to the clarity of 3-dimensional pictures generated. We are able to identify the overlying structures of the components that make up the breast tissue, which is impossible with a traditional 2-dimesnional image.

The accuracy and precision of our Genius 3D tomography service give you a high degree of certainty that your diagnosis of breast cancer is final with no chance of worrisome callbacks and is widely covered by the available insurance plans including Medicare.

A more effective way to diagnose breast cancer

The breast cancer at JFK Medical Center is your "one stop shop" for an accurate early detection of breast cancer thanks to the Genius 3D mammography technology. The Genius 3D exam allows the medical staff to thoroughly examine the breast via a series of detailed breast images, layer by layer. Thus, each layer of breast tissue is carefully and thoroughly examined to give you an accurate diagnosis of breast cancer. The 3D Genius Tomography exam has the ability to accurately picture any woman’s breast despite their age or the density of the breast.

At JFK Medical Center we have the most qualified technologists on 3D Tomography and radiologists to give you a professional and definitive breast cancer diagnosis.

Call us today to book an appointment at JFK breast center to experience our unbeatable Genius 3D mammography service.