Definitive Diagnostic Services for the Detection of Anomalies in Breast Ducts


Why you need JFK Medical Center’s ductography services

If you have experienced a spontaneous nipple discharge without squeezing the nipple, we recommend that you undergo ductography. Typically, such a nipple discharge originates from an infected duct in your breast.

Ductography is a specialized procedure that we apply to examine a suspicious discharge from the nipple. It helps to identify abnormalities in the milk ducts within the breast.

We have a friendly and serene environment to make you feel at ease and confident while undergoing the procedure. Our specialized medical staff will perform a non-intrusive examination of your duct system to diagnose the nipple discharge to inform you on whether the discharge is benign or a sign of breast cancer.

A ductogram by our medical staff will reveal the internal structure of the ducts within the breast to accurately determine the cause of the nipple discharge. Once the specific ducts have been identified they will be removed to give you relief and restore the health of your duct system.

What you should know about ductography

In layman’s language, ductography is a non-invasive procedure in which we use mammography, and a low-level form of X-ray scan in tandem with a contrast material to create pictures (galactograms) of the milk ducts.

In this procedure, we examine the ducts within the breast to diagnose and treat abnormalities in the breast tissue. The ducts in the breast are best observed under ductography which is superior to ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging techniques. Thus, you will receive a definitive diagnosis of breast anomalies in the breast duct with a high degree of accuracy not possible with other imaging methods.

What to expect during the ductography procedure at JFK Medical Center

At JFK Medical Center, we administer the ductography procedure on an outpatient basis and it takes approximately an hour to complete the procedure.

You will be asked to sit and your exposed nipple will be cleansed. The medical staff attending to you will squeeze the nipple to draw a minimal amount of fluid to identify the specific duct with the discharge. They will then insert a miniature catheter into the milk duct; followed by an injection of a contrast material.

An X-ray picture will be taken to identify the duct with an abnormality and its specific location. You will be informed of the results. Overall, this is a pain-free procedure and it is accurate in the diagnosis of cancerous cells.

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