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How do you know whether you are suffering from osteoporosis?

To determine whether you are suffering from osteoporosis you need a bone density test. You will be subjected to an advanced bone mineral density (BMD) which is done using a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) procedure. A case of osteoporosis test is detectable by use of an X-ray scan in which osteopenia can be diagnosed. If your test for osteopenia test is positive, osteoporosis is just beginning to take root in your body.

How can you benefit from a DEXA scan of osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is life-threatening and can limit your mobility. It not only affects the strength of your bones, but also makes them susceptible to fractures.

A DEXA scan is your best option for detecting osteoporosis. The DEXA scan is formulated to test the bone mineral density of the critical parts of your skeletal muscular system. Your DEXA scan with our medical specialists will involve a test of the spine, hip, wrist and any other major part of the skeletal system that will be fit to apply to your personal diagnosis of osteoporosis.

Once your diagnosis has been complete you will be given a directive of lifestyle changes to combat osteoporosis. The doctor who will give you a DEXA scan will also give you treatment to correct the loss of bone density. A positive diagnosis of osteoporosis will either result in short-term or long-term treatment to reduce your risk of a bone fracture and restore your bone density.

How early detection of osteoporosis can improve your quality of life?

With an early diagnosis of osteoporosis, your doctor at JFK Medical Center will give you a detailed examination and analysis of any symptoms of osteoporosis. The primary reason why you should take advantage of the DEXA bone density scan is to evaluate the health of your bones, especially their density. As a result, you will be able to prevent further deterioration or rather bone density loss and low bone mass before the onset of osteoporosis.

You might be wondering whether a DEXA Density scan poses any health risks on your body. Well, a DEXA bone density test involves the use of advanced X-ray technology which is pain-free and absolutely non-intrusive. You should also note that a DEXA bone density scan is the best technology available when it comes to diagnosing osteoporosis.

Contact us to book an appointment with our medical staff to receive the most accurate and technologically advanced diagnosis of osteoporosis and receive early prevention and treatment depending on the health of your bones.