R2 Computer Assisted Diagnosis Program is the Most Advanced Diagnostic Service Available


Computer- assisted breast cancer diagnosis of breast cancer powered by state-of-the-art technology

At JFK Medical Center, we are dedicated to providing you with friendly and professional breast cancer diagnostic services, based on the most advanced technology available. Our R2 computer-assisted detection service enhances the set of tools available to our radiologists. As a result, you can trust us to give you a digitized and error-free diagnosis.

We understand that the risk of breast cancer can take a toll on your life. The expertise of our medical staff and technology is the most qualified approach to the detection of breast cancer.

Our R2 computer assisted diagnostic services are definitive and error-free

With state-of-the-art technology, our clinical involves detailed detection of all forms of abnormalities in breast tissue. Our medical imaging services will produce crisp images from a variety of testing modalities. Our radiologists will give you a thorough and personalized radiology diagnosis in a short and pain-free session.

If you have a lesion or a lump in your breast tissue, reach out for a computer assisted diagnosis of breast cancer with us today. While it has been difficult to detect breast cancer in the past, our modern screening service is fail-safe.

High-precision diagnosis with our R2 computer assisted diagnosis program

You do not have to undergo the stressful stretch of uncertainty and waiting that is typical with breast cancer testing. When you come to us, you will undergo a high-precision mammography screening with the ability to detect the smallest abnormalities in the breast tissue. With our R2 computer assisted detection system, your breast screening will produce a definitive diagnosis. We will be able to see tiny microcalcifications and other symptoms of breast cancer that cannot be detected without the R2 ImageChecker technology. High-resolution monitors provide close-up examination for a conclusive and fast diagnosis.

Book an appointment with us now to experience a definitive breast cancer screening under our R2 computer assisted diagnosis program at JFK Medical Center.