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Breast Ultrasound imaging services


Professional breast ultrasound screening services for you

A breast ultrasound screening test uses sound waves to image the tissues of the breast. The JFK Medical Center has qualified medical staff who excel at breast ultrasound diagnostics. Our breast ultrasound diagnostic services are powered by advanced technology that pinpoints to the areas of the breast with an indication of cell abnormality.

The breast ultrasound diagnostics are capable of imaging all the areas of the breast that are not possible with mammography. While we do not rule out the need for a mammogram, we use ultrasound technology to closely examine abnormalities detected from mammography.

Our doctors rely on breast ultrasound to accurately examine fluid-filled and solid masses in the breast and differentiate between the two forms of breast abnormalities. You will get a definitive diagnosis and accurate results to determine if there is a cause for concern.

The ultrasound screening uses a transducer across the surface area of the breast, using sound waves that reflect off breast abnormalities. This produces high-quality images of the particular breast tissue which will be subjected to observation or aspiration by our medical staff.

If a cyst or solid mass is detected, a biopsy will be conducted and an analysis of the biopsied tissue by our experienced pathologists will determine whether the tissue is benign or malignant.

Professional determination of results and follow up

Our medical staff will interpret the results for you in layman’s terms. If a biopsy is required, our medical staff will explain the results. While you may get a negative result from breast ultrasound screening, you may find out that you have atypical hyperplasia, which is an indication of abnormal breast tissue, which is not yet cancerous. If this turns out to be the case, our medical staff will advise you on future care, and necessary treatment.

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