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Breast Reconstruction Services – JFK Medical Center


With a focus on women’s breast and bone health, the Breast Center at JFK Medical Center is proud to offer a wide range of surgeries and services to prevent and address breast cancer. Among these surgeries are various types of mastectomies, which involve the removal of a single or both breasts, as well as lymph nodes and other muscle tissue near the breast, depending on the patient. While these surgeries provide an important option for cancer care, they can also result in changes to a patient's appearance. To help ensure you feel comfortable with your treatment plan and appearance, the Breast Center at JFK Medical Center can perform reconstructive surgery after the mastectomy has taken place.

How Does Breast Reconstruction Work?

Breast reconstruction is a task carefully undertaken by JFK Medical Center’s experienced plastic surgeons. During the operation, our surgeons will comprehensively rebuild the breast mound while replicating the size and shape of the patient’s breast before the mastectomy took place. In addition to the mound, our surgeons can incorporate both the nipple and the areola into the surgery. Each breast reconstruction surgery is performed with the patient in mind, and we carefully adjust every aspect of the operation to your personal needs.

It's also important to keep in mind that while reconstruction is most often performed after a mastectomy, it may also be offered in other scenarios. Although most lumpectomies don't necessitate reconstructive breast surgery, your surgeon will discuss all available options with you to ensure you're prepared to make well-informed decisions.

Why JFK Medical Center?

The Breast Center at JFK Medical Center goes well beyond simply providing the medical services you need to tackle breast cancer head-on. Through our Nurse Navigator Program, you’ll be paired with a breast patient navigator who will guide you along your journey by coordinating appointments, seeking out appropriate hospital/community resources and offering numerous other types of support before, during and after your treatment.

Beyond mastectomies, lumpectomies and reconstructions, we also offer a comprehensive, specialized selection of diagnostic services to address your every need, including mammography, ultrasound, biopsies and much more. Give us a call at (732) 205-1417 or contact us online to learn more about the Breast Center.