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From a family practitioner to the most sophisticated neurologists, JFK Medical Center's staff includes some of the most highly respected physicians in the northeast. For a referral to a JFK physician, click here.


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Congratulations to JFK Family Medicine Center: Center for Pregnancy for being selected as a 2015 Community Leader of Distinction!


Volunteer Services

(732) 321-7083

JFK Medical Center
65 James Street
Edison, NJ 08818

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Volunteer opportunities are available Monday to Sunday and Holidays from 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Click here to volunteer online.

High School Students should only apply in February for the Summer Cycle (July-August); apply in June for the Fall Cycle (October-March) and apply in November for the Spring Cycle (March-June)

Volunteering: The Time Of Your Life!

If you have time to spare and enjoy helping others, then volunteering is for you!

JFK Medical Center's Volunteer Program welcomes men and women of all ages. Volunteers can be retired, employed, students, local residents and individuals from surrounding communities. These uncommon people have one common purpose - they are dedicated to helping others. Volunteers need no special training to get involved. Filling out an application begins the process. Special talents and personal schedules are matched to the hospital's needs. Most volunteers donate one time slot of four hours per week; however, additional hours are always welcome. Junior volunteers within our catchment area, who are in at least the 10th grade, can volunteer three hours per week during the school year.

Volunteerism offers something for everyone who wants to make their spare time special. To become a volunteer, or for further information, please call JFK Medical Center's Volunteer Office today at (732) 321-7083.

Benefits of Volunteering

While volunteers offer their services free of charge, they do receive many benefits. They have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. They have a chance to share their knowledge or learn new skills while developing new interests. Younger volunteers use the opportunity to do some career exploration, and soon realize the benefits of having a background in volunteer service when they apply for further education or employment. Research also indicates that people who volunteer live longer. Most of all, volunteers receive the satisfaction that comes from being needed and doing something worthwhile that helps others.

Services Volunteers Provide

Volunteers are a vital part of our healthcare team. Each year they donate thousands of hours to the Medical Center, providing services that will benefit our patients and help make their stay more comfortable. We need your help not only to continue our current activities, but also to extend services to meet the changing needs of our new healthcare environment.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Surgical Waiting Room Volunteers act as liaison between the families and doctors regarding a patient’s status.
  • Nursing Unit Volunteers socialize with patients/ families, answer call lights, refill water pitchers, make beds, feed patients, stock  linens, run errands  and help with clerical work.
  • Kit Kart Volunteers create arts and crafts items to give to the patients.
  • The Information Desk Volunteers answer visitor calls and questions and provide directions.
  • Clerical assignments help with filing, copying, collating, answering phones and making charts.

Other Assignments Include:

  • Pt. Transport
  • Haven Hospice
  • Mail Room
  • Cafeteria
  • Greeter
  • Friendly Visitor
  • Eucharistic Minister
  • Sunday Mass Volunteer
  • Patient Representative in the acute and rehabilitation areas
  • Mediplex
  • Same Day Surgery
  • OutpatientTesting

How To Get Involved

For more information and applications call the Volunteer Department at (732) 321-7083. We'd love to chat with you. We welcome any employee who would want to volunteer outside their assigned department.

High School Students should only apply in February for the Summer Cycle (July-August); apply in June for the Fall Cycle (October-March) and apply in November for the Spring Cycle (March-June)

Registered Volunteers click here to complete Volunteer Training.