Scheduling the Birth of Your Baby

Experts are learning that scheduling your baby’s births before 39 weeks can cause problems for both mom and baby. If possible, it is best to stay pregnant for at least 39 weeks. If your pregnancy is healthy, wait for labor to begin on its own.

The March of Dimes describes why your baby needs 39 weeks:

The March of Dimes website has additional information about your baby. Click the links below.

JFK has processes in place for scheduling your baby’s birth. Working with your obstetrician, our maternal and child health professionals schedule elective deliveries for healthy pregnancies no earlier than 39 completed weeks. This provides you with the best opportunity for you to deliver your healthy baby, because your baby is ready to be born!

What are we measuring?

We measure the number of elective deliveries less than 39 weeks for healthy pregnancies.

2016Q4 deliveries 1


A small number is best.

What is our performance telling us?

We are well within the benchmark for reducing early elective deliveries. However, it is our goal that 100% of our elective deliveries for healthy pregnancies are occurring after 39 weeks. We have processes in place working with physicians and mothers to achieve 100%. We are pleased to help mothers and babies remain healthy by working to eliminate elective deliveries for health pregnancies before 39 weeks.